Leveraging our national give/get service mindset is a way to help win the global talent race

Making it easier for volunteers to do great work

Our country has more volunteers sharing time, money, reputation, skills, and other resources than anyone else in the world. By combining shared processes, technology, and data management to lift service project designers, ServeFully optimizes the give/get ecosystem for everyone, especially volunteers seeking to empower their education or careers.

Boosting education and workforce development

Community service plays a vital role in education and workforce development. Preparing youth for jobs that don't exist yet and the uncertain future of work is a challenge all communities face. Embedding vital information into scalable projects led by or serving our youth will facilitate the social shift towards durable skills and lifelong learning.

Lifting nonprofits, educators, and businesses

Data collaboration will help nonprofits keep grantmakers and donors informed, scale models that work, and form learning communities to test new models. Reducing friction helps service learning professors, skills based volunteers, and CSR managers easily launch projects that maximize their social impact and grow their reputations.  

Launching a new breed of social innovators

By making it easier to launch cross-sector collaborations designed to move fast, learn as they scale, pivot as needed, and attract service fees for designers or managers, we help surface a new generation of leaders who are uniquely qualified to capitalize on the shared audience, data, processes, and tech to make an impact.