Chipping in time helps other students, yourself, Greek life, and volunteer networks

For Society: Redesigning student experiences

Your voice can help identify and champion the social solutions all students need. As an AFLV attendee, we already know you are a leader, and that community service plays a large role in your life. You must be doing a few things right that you can share. And where you are struggling, we can bet others are too. 

For Yourself: Joining Student Advisory Board

Joining and completing the 30 minute training puts you on the list to pick up everything from quick service projects to full internship opportunities with both ServeFully and Last Mile Collabs. Whenever you need to score quick hours for yourself, organize a group project, or build your resume we can offer free help.

For Greek Life: Maximizing collective impact

You can be a leader in drawing the public's attention to the positive collective impact Greek life student volunteers make by motivating other members to chip in to address a complex, social issues and improve the future of education and work. 

For All Volunteer Networks: Serving Fully 

By going first, you will help to prove our theory that students, especially college Greeks, are uniquely qualified to support our country, and the national networks that promote volunteering and support students must be valued and protected.