The collective impact Greek life students make with this Chip In Challenge

For Yourself: Optimizing your resume

Learning about the new common language emerging to support the skills based education and hiring market is important to your future success. Watching the EMSI video, practicing with the tools, and optimizing your resume is just the start. It is a must have in the toolbelt for advancing your education and career.

For Greek Life: Collective impact

The Chip In Challenge was specifically designed to help Greeks take control and shift to a more positive narrative on campus and beyond. Driving up the number of hours spent giving EMSI demos to classmates will generate a measurable collective impact and cast Greek Life in a positive light for adding value to the academic community.

For All Volunteer Networks: Serving Fully 

A show of force will help prove that students, especially college Greeks, are uniquely qualified to serve our country. It will help others see that the networks supporting student volunteers are a national asset and communication channel that must be valued and protected.

  •    Metrics to display to the public
  • Number of resumes optimized
  • Collective hours providing resume support
  • Social media reach and influene
  • Number of campus collaborators