Start chipping In! Rack up the hours and win prizes during the AFLV special event!

Do it all from this page! Surveys bring you back when submitted. Use browser back button after LinkedIn or ASU+GSV.  

Student Volunteer Survey

Chip in 15 minutes and enters 1 chance to win

Resume and Internship Survey

Chip in 15 minutes and enter 1 chance to win

ServeFully LinkedIn

Connect to add your bio to the sample pool used to help redesign the resume experience. Enters 1 chance to win

Last Mile Collabs LinkedIn

Connect with the design company of this service project. Enters 1 Chance to win. Advisory Board must also follow.

Kim Scott LinkedIn

Connecting plus viewing the award winning, "The Last Mile Strategy" 7 page PDF adds you to the Advisory Board. Reading it completes your training. This is an opportunity for Greek Life students to play an active role supporting the mission of national leaders working to improve education and work for all  ASU+GSV Summit. 

Run a Chip In Challenge for Your Chapter

Students completing the whole challenge are qualified to set up and starting running your own Chip In now. Your members will only see your custom welcome, login, and close pages plus the "Who we help" and "Start Chipping" pages. Surveys are a must, but other activities are opt in. Prizes are for AFLV only, but you can offer perks to win.