Request to Run a Chip Challenge

Thank you for completing the AFLV Chip In Challenge! We are glad you enjoyed the experience and are trained to lead an event to help meet you chapter's service hours goal. The challenge is highly customizable. A Chip In Challenge begins with a link you share to a custom welcome page that announces your group and goal, that page leads to a login page to collect your data and then to the "Who we are serving" page, followed by the "Start Chipping" page, and finally to the "Chip in your time" page where you can craft your own closing message. You can choose any other informational pages as well as which of the virtual activities you want to include. The activities do not have to be completed in one sitting and members can return to chip in more time during the time window you set up. Here is a quick list of things to think about:  

  • Your service hours goal and time window
  • If you want to offer a perk like a title, special privilege, or gift
  • If you want to include the content about resume building info or skip it
  • If you want a Zoom focus group option, it can be scheduled during a chapter meeting time
  • If you want the Join the Advisory Board Option
  • Whether you want the ServeFully LinkedIn option to contribute to the resume sampling pool

Thank You, and now back to the AFLV Challenge!.