Chip in Challenge Volunteer Survey

Welcome to your Volunteer Survey

What is the zip code of your home town?
What was the name of your high school?
Was community service a graduation requirement?
If yes service was required, how many hours?
If community service was required, was there a structured process to fulfill requirement?
If you answered yes, check all that were included in the structured process?
If you checked other to indicate a restriction or process not on the list, what was it?
Did you perform community service in high school that was not mandatory or was above and beyond the basic requirement?
Who were the primary motivators encouraging you to go above and beyond in earning service hours?
Select all that apply
Why were they encouraging you to engage in community service activities?
About what grade were you in when you knew you wanted to go to college?
About what age did you realize you needed to add activities to improve your college application?
Which activities did you engage in to meet your goal of getting into college?
List all that apply
Did you feel a time crunch and rush to add activities to your college application?
Which of the following impeded your efforts to earn service hours?
List all that apply
Do you attribute the community service activities you added to your college application as a factor in your acceptance?
How would you rate the overall impact your high school community service experience had on others?
How would you rate the overall impact your high school community service experience had on yourself?
What was your primary reason for joining Greek Life?
How many service hours are you required to earn per semester?
How much of that time is spent raising money for your primary philanthropic partner
Is there an amount of time performing community service that must be spent outside of fundraising?
How often do you collaborate with students outside the Greek Life community on community service projects?
Is there a central location on your campus that holds desks/offices for campus organizations?
Is one of your goals as a Chapter Leader to increase cross-campus community service collaborations?
Which types of community service project have you participated in during college?
Check all that apply
Would you say these experiences have been helpful building you social capital?
What is the one thing you wish was easier about volunteering to serve others?