Which Emsi Teach-it-back opportunity aligns with your community service goals?

Meet service hour requirements

Complete the base project of learning about the social issue and collaborators, optimizing your own resume, and spreading the word via social media or giving public demonstrations.

Add leadership experience to resume

Complete the base project plus recruit and lead others through the process. The reporting system will generate data on your team's collective impact that you can add to your resume.

Lift your campus organization

A Chip in Challenge sets a productivity goal and challenges members to chip in hour requirement activities to meet it. The reporting system will generate data on your collective impact that can be used to enhance and promote your organization's image.

Learn and demonstrate Durable Skills

Learn and apply Durable Skills such as creative problem solving by designing a project that leverages your experiences, skills and resources to support the mission of the Open Skills Network. Then submit it for approval, data capture design, and launch.

Are you ready to learn more about volunteering? Have a project to scale to another community or relay one back for the next volunteer? Do you want to become a project designer or is your organization interested in becoming a partner? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

Let us know!