is coming soon, but today we have a sneak peak for AFLV attendees. You can  experience a project and earn a chances to win prizes while adding this to your resume.

Easy Collective Impact

  • Worked with Last Mile Collabs on projects designed to help communicate changes in education and work to the public and support  the work of the ASU+GSV Summit.
  • Supported cross-sector collaborators working to empower youth by contributing insight and helping gather data to create student volunteer and resume builder personas and journey maps for use in redesigning the student  volunteer and resume experience.

Meaningful Projects

  • Participated in surveys about volunteering and resume building
  • Shared insight derived from my experiences and observations during group discussions about challenges and new opportunities
  • Used leadership position to motivate others to build up their resumes and collaborate on enhancing the Greek Life image
  • Began serving on advisory board to build upon my critical thinking skills

Skills Building Focus  

    • Practiced empathy leadership and design thinking skills by reflecting on the positives and negatives of my own community service and resume experiences then sharing insight to develop volunteer and resume builder personas. Contributed to the identification of pain and touch points on journey maps being created to drive a lean continuous improvement process. Researched complex, social issue to better apply critical thinking skills.