Open Skills Taxonomy

Uniting people, education, and work through a common Skills language.

An open-source library of 32,000+ skills gathered from hundreds of millions of online job postings, profiles, and resumes—updated every two weeks.

Technology and a societal push for a more level playing field has changed the hiring process. The combination of resume search engines and the shift from affinity to skills based hiring has created a communication challenge for everyone in the labor market, especially those just entering it with little experience to list on their resumes.


The Open Skills Network and member Emsi Burning Glass, the largest provider of labor market data, are two of the many cross-sector collaborators working on national solutions for labor market challenges and the talent shortage. They believe the best way forward for the whole system is to create a common language for people, education providers, and employers. 


The free skills library and resume optimization tools created by Emsi help jobseekers identify the skills they need to get the job they want, help employers save time and money finding skilled candidates, and help educators provide relevant and specific courses.


Like the Covid vaccine race, the challenge now is going the last mile of getting people to adopt it. Using the Emsi tools to help yourself and then spreading the word is an opportunity to serve fully. Last Mile Collabs designed a project that positions students to play a vital role in scaling the much needed solution.