Teach-it-back is a type of project that involves learning new information or skills and then teaching it back to help others in your communities. The Emsi project teaches volunteers about changes in hiring and national efforts to improve the future of work as well as how to leverage new technologies to build strong resumes.

Learn about the social issue and the collaborators on the national project

Explore the Open Skills Network site and then the Emsi site to watch the intro video and explore the skills library and resume optimization tools. Time Commitment: 1 hour

Practice surfacing skills to add to your resume using the free, no signin Emsi tool

Paste the resume you already have or a course syllabus to surface skills you should list by testing them against the job search engines. Time Commitment: 1 hour

Use your social media networks to encourage others to use Emsi tools

Post to your social media accounts and report each platform and number of followers by uploading screen shots to our reporting system to demonstrate your personal impact and add to the collective impact total.

Serve other students by giving resume optimization demos on the Emsi tool

Earn the hours you need by educating your peer groups or setting up a demo booth to show others how to optimize their resume then use our reporting system to upload requirements and receive a certification document.