The Chip In Challenge is a way to set an hours goal and offer your group members different ways to chip in virtually to meet it. During AFLV, you can even win prizes!

Redesigning the Student Volunteer Experience Survey

Time Commitment: Chip in 15 minutes

Redesigning the Resume Building Experience Survey

Time Commitment: Chip in 15 minutes

Join the Student Advisory Board

Time Commitment: Chips in 30 minutes and positions yourself to earn service hours, do virtual internships, or run projects like this when it's your turn to lead.

Join a Focus Group Zoom Meeting

Time Commitment: During AFLV, Zoom focus groups will occur during the Live Exhibit Hall hours. Volunteering, resume, and internship challenges will be tossed around. The time of everyone coming and going will be totaled.

Our goal during AFLV is to collectively add 250 hours towards improving the future of education and work by helping 500 AFLV students chip in 30 minutes. Anyone completing the whole challenge, can sign up to customize and run a chapter Chip In Challenge now.