Volunteers gain new contacts, resume ready role descriptions, and skills experience to discuss

Collective Impact

  • Worked with community service project designers at Last Mile Collabs on projects related to communicating changes in education and the workforce to the public and supporting the national mission of the Open Skills Network
  • Supported work of cross-sector collaborators working to strengthen the labor market by uniting people, education, and work through a common Skills language

Meaningful Roles

  • Researched technology and data solutions being developed to facilitate the shift to a more equitable, skills driven labor market
  • Leveraged social networks to alert and motivate others to embrace the new common language emerging around skills based hiring
  • Gave public demonstrations on how to use new data technologies to translate education and work experience into the common language being built around skills

Personal Value

    • Researched the complex, social issue impacting the labor market so I could apply my critical thinking skills during discussions about innovation and problem solving.
    • Practiced empathy leadership and design thinking skills by reflecting on the positives and negatives of my own skills and resume building experiences and then applied my story telling skills to inspire and motivate others to take action